DARE ONE是集合现代设计,极致细节,国际水准及时尚奢华质感于一体的轻奢女性内衣品牌,于2017年2月14日正式与中国女性见面。DARE ONE认为,女性身体是这个世间最优美的曲线,它源自于上帝富有热情的创造,理应得到热爱,并被赞美。DARE ONE渴望更细致地探索和发现女性身体的秘密,并通过对享有世界声誉的高品质面料的重新创造,为这个时代追求精致生活的杰出女性带来兼顾优雅、性感、舒适的完美内衣体验。

DARE ONE is a luxury casual women's lingerie brand that combines modern design, perfect details, international standard and luxurious quality. It was launched on February 14th, 2017. DARE ONE believes that female body is the most beautiful curve in the world. It was created by God and deserves to be deeply loved and praised. Meanwhile, DARE ONE is eager to explore and discover the secrets of female body in all aspects. By doing so, DARE ONE is dedicated in bringing women who pursue for exquisite life a great experience of enjoying elegance, sexiness and comfort in lingerie through the recreation of world top quality fabrics.